“Confession app” trailblazing

In case you haven’t heard (since it was announced a week ago), there’s a new app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch called “Confession: A Roman Catholic app.”

Unfortunately, non-Catholic news media outlets are having a ball with this. Read more about some of the misinformation here. Fr. Z gives his review of the app here.

I’ll be brief:

  • I’m glad to see the foundation of Little iApps, LLC. I bet we’ll soon be able to add it to the small list of successful Catholic new media businesses.
  • Considering previous conversation about imprimaturs on Catholic new media, it’s interesting to note that this app has an imprimatur. Does the combination of 1) Catholic company committed to orthodoxy + 2) bishop’s trust & approval = Catholic new media’s secret to imprimaturs?
  • CatholicTV’s Bonnie Rodgers recently added this gem to the conversation: “In my opinion, the Confession app is a great as a resource for an examination of conscience and identifying the essentials of the sacrament of healing. It is effective catechesis about a misunderstood sacrament.”
  • Despite that, Satan’s smiling right now. The misinformation makes me want to cry. He must have immediately recognized what Bonnie did – this app’s potential for great catechesis and ability to help bring more people to the sacrament. Cue: confusion & misinformation. (He’s good at that.)
  • It’s time for well-catechized Catholics to come to the rescue and make some corrections.

Personally, I enjoy the old-fashioned pen & paper examination of conscience. After absolution, burning or ripping up and throwing away my tear-stained list of sins makes Confession feel ‘doubly sacramental.’ I guess this app will add to the plethora of legitimately diverse methods of prayer.

Don’t you love being Catholic? 🙂


One response

  1. I’m one of the developers… Initially we were able to stay on top of the press and correct issues. If you look at the initial Reuters article which started the tsunami, they correctly pointed out that the app was not a replacement for the sacrament and that you had to go to a priest to confess your sins. Once things started flowing, though, it was impossible to keep up. Luckily there are a lot of good Catholics out there trying to correct the errors. Even Bill Donahue of the Catholic League put together a press release about the app. Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to push our way through all the media.

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