My appearance on Among Women podcast

Please join me in patronizing the Among Women podcast, hosted by Pat Gohn of Behold Communications. I was blessed to have spent a few hours speaking with Pat on Skype, and some of our conversation will appear in an upcoming episode of Among Women.

One of the many questions Pat asked me was along the lines of, ‘What would you say to women your age if you had only a few minutes with them?’

Well… today, as I have been researching for a presentation I’m giving on deepening our spiritual journeys with the help of the saints, I ran across this quote from one of my friends in heaven, St. Josemaria Escriva. It has much the same message that I conveyed in my answer to Pat’s question.

I wish to continue this conversation with Our Lord with an observation I made use of years ago, but which is just as relevant today. I had noted down some remarks of St Teresa of Avila: ‘All that passes away and is not pleasing to God, is worth nothing, and less than nothing.’ Now do you understand why a soul loses all sense of peace and serenity when it turns away from its goal, and forgets that it was created by God to be a saint? Strive never to lose this supernatural outlook, not even at times of rest or recreation, which are as important in our daily lives as is work itself.

You can climb to the top of your profession, you can gain the highest acclaim as a reward for your freely chosen endeavours in temporal affairs; but if you abandon the supernatural outlook that should inspire all our human activities, you will have gone sadly astray.

You can find this and many, many other spiritual gems in Fr. Escriva’s books. Search his writings here.


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