Parish Videos

What good can a parish video do?
– Encourage a sense of community, belonging, and pride in parish members
– Encourage newcomers to participate
– Encourage people to come to church
– Showcase parish ministries
– Introduce key parish leaders in a not-too-stuffy way (clergy, DREs, etc)
– Reach the more tech-savvy members of the flock
– Create a visual portrait of the parish which can be shared with people from other parts of the diocese, state, country, world
– Contribute to a more positive view of Catholicism

You may better understand these reasons by checking out this fantastic example from St. Mary Magdalen, one of the parishes in my archdiocese. Even better? They used a Catholic video host,

Thanks to new media, producing a high-quality video like this one is easier than ever. I suggest gathering together some parishioners who are comfortable using (and preferably own) the following technology:
– a relatively inexpensive hand-held video camera (ie. FlipCam)
– a Macintosh computer with built-in video editing software (the easier solution) or
– another computer with video editing software
as well as parishioners with a good eye (aesthetics) and a knack for visual storytelling. Parishioners who have acted as reporters can also be useful when interviewing people, to get quality quotes on video.

There isn’t one right way to make a parish video, but it’s a project that I think is well worth the effort. As always, begin the project with prayer and discernment, and feel free to ask for advice. We are all members of One Body. Let’s build It up together.


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