New Media, New Evangelization: Thesis Abstract

Well, friends, the time will soon come for the librarians to place my thesis on a shelf in the university library. Once it has been printed, I will officially release it as a resource for the public. Until then, enjoy the abstract:

The Catholic Church, once a leader in communications, now lags behind the rest of the world in new media participation. This study on the Catholic Church and new media argues that the utilization of new media by the Catholic Church would seriously benefit its catechetical, evangelical, and other communications efforts by providing easy-access, cost-effective, community-building resources to the church members at home or abroad as well as to the rest of the world.

As a theological foundation for discussion, the author provides an overview of Church teaching on evangelization, media, and new media. Insights into the benefits of new media are then demonstrated using secular marketing, Protestant, and Catholic sources. Four case stories of different individuals and groups within the Church who utilize new media follow the literature review.

After reiterating the truth of its thesis, this study recommends that the Church produce a theologically-infused, methodological approach to new media use and that it encourage dioceses to offer resources toward strategic media use for their members.

Please keep me in your prayers, as I will be speaking with my archdiocesan Communications Office director regarding how I might assist the archdiocese in their digital/new media efforts! Blessings and peace to you all.


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    • Thanks, Josh. Yes, I am planning to launch a personal website/portfolio that will include this blog, my thesis, and other resources. Catholic Tech Tips will definitely be a recommended link. Look for it within a month!

  2. Dear Catholic Media girl (Angela),
    Good to see the abstract of your thesis. Thanks for doing such a study and this blog.
    You are right Catholic church a leader in communications at all ages, except in the digital age! And the new ICT can greatly benefit the church.
    I too give workshops on church and communications, do research on communication and theology and train church leaders and future priests in India. Too eager to take look at your thesis.
    Fr Jose

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