Catholic New Media Expert

I was on Catholic Television of San Antonio on St. Patrick’s Day. I don’t remember anything that I said, but I’ve gotten lots of great feedback from the appearance, which was also simulcast on the Guadalupe Radio Network airwaves and online.

The next day, I gave a workshop at the Pilgrim Center of Hope (my place of employment) on their use of digital media for evangelization (and marketing) purposes. Two hours was hardly enough to scratch the surface.

I love what I’m doing now, helping to spread the word throughout my archdiocese and the world about new media’s potential to benefit the Church. As I prepare to graduate from St. Mary’s University in May, I’ve been getting a lot of the, “What are you doing after graduation?” question. In my heart, I wonder if my dreams are too lofty. Could I really make Catholic new media the answer to that question? My thesis is now in the hands of some influential people, and I am continuing to grow in knowledge, understanding, wisdom, etc. in regard to using new media for the Church’s benefit. At the same time, I’m not an expert.

The funny thing is, there really aren’t any new media experts, especially when it comes to using new media in the Church. New media are so new and constantly-changing that no one could claim such a title for themselves.

What the Church needs are a few leaders with vision; faithful Catholics who are in touch with new media, understand evangelization, understand the Church’s needs and goals, posses the creativity and skills to strategize, can get others excited about new media, and can continue to learn and grow as the media do.

I believe that I am one of these individuals. Praise God for the others like me who simply love the Church and have been blessed with the opportunities to help Her.

I hope to hear from you about your needs and interests. Please leave a comment with feedback.

The future of Catholic Media Girl hopefully includes a place where ministries can access easy, practical, theologically-based instructions on how to successfully engage new media. Knowing your needs, experiences, and stories can help me to create a better resource for the Church.


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  1. I heard/saw you on the way home from the Olive Garden Restaurant tonight. You sounded even better the second time (on the repeated show).


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