How to Get Moving

Everyone needs a swift kick in the pants every now and then. As a motivator, that is.

I recently read this list of 100 Ways to Screw Up Your Life and passed it on to a friend, who also discovered a list of 33 Ways to Get and Keep Yourself Motivated on the same blog. You know, my Advent has not been as it should. Sure, I’ve been keeping up with personal prayer, ministry work, and Mass, but nothing different from Ordinary Time, really. Final exams kept me sitting down almost all day, with ironically sad walking breaks just to retrieve food.

I’ve gotta get myself motivated. So do you.

Here are a few ways I’m doing that this week. Do you have any similar goals?

Walk for 15 minutes three separate times.

Pray a rosary. And really pray it.

Commit myself to my work, and reward myself with at least two small breaks in between.

Three small goals work for me. Want to commit yourself to something? Posting it online seems to be a motivator. Yes – posting a new Facebook status, blog post, or Twitter update about a new commitment seems to actually work. Check out this short vid for more:

So…how about it? Anyone joining me in making a public commitment? With God’s grace and a bit of discipline, I think we can pull it off.

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