2010 Catholic New Media Celebration

Hooray! Time to save up for my third trip to the 3rd annual Catholic New Media Celebration! It will take place on Saturday, August 7, 2010 in the Boston archdiocese’s new center. Listen to the announcement on the latest edition of Catholic Weekend podcast.


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  1. Am happy that you directed me to your blog with your comments on mine. Your site is very enriching. I’m delighted too to hear about the 2010 Catholic New media celebration. I wish I can attend it. I’m A Catholic priest from Nigeria studying Mass Communication in St. Cloud State University, Minnesota. I’m So nterested in the new media that I’m presently doing my thesis on “New Media as tools for Evangelization: Towards Developing Effective Communication Strategy in the Catholic Church.” I’m trying to find out what tools of the new media do Catholic youths use the most and how they use it. This will help us to develop strategy towards using the new media to approach our Catholic youths. And I’m using the youths hear in the U.S. My aim is to make a contribution in this whole area of new media in the Catholic church. I hope to share my findings with other Catholics in this field. I’ll like to be part of this group to promote new media in the Catholic church. I hope to champion this course when I go back to my country Nigeria. Keep the good work!

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