Beginning a Revolution

For some reason, I haven’t had too much luck with blogs in the past. I used to keep up a blog called Saint School, which was meant to be about my experience as a Catholic university student.

Times change. I was inspired by a conversation at a networking event to re-start, this time about what I love: Catholicism + media.

My name is Angela. In May 2010, I’m graduating with a BA in English Communication Arts with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in Theology from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas.

I sincerely believe that God has put me on this earth to contribute to a revolution:

The Church needs to adopt media/new media and effective marketing practices.
The Church needs
to become, once again, a driving force behind innovation in communication.
The Church needs to excel in being a translator of its message to its contemporaries.

This blog will be for readers Catholic & non-Catholic. It will monitor and challenge the media/marketing strategies and practices existing within the Church today. It will encourage and promote great media/marketing within the Church. It will suggest new ways for the Church to adopt better media & marketing practices on all levels – within ministries, parishes, diocese, etc.

Join me in this revolution by subscribing to and engaging with this blog.


One response

  1. Hey Angela!

    This looks wonderful! I very much support your “revolution.” If I can be of help promoting you with my church, let me know. It’s really inspiring to see such a bright young person like yourself who is also filled to the brim with faith!

    Keep me in the loop,

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